Cucumber Tony Philosophy

The things we believe in. Occasionally we'll add, update or possibly remove. As a company, a community and a group of people, this is what we believe.

1. Your service should always be available

Without WiFi, we're (almost) nothing. For the time being anyway. It's our mission to make sure your WiFi starts quickly and stays up. The same for your dashboard, your service, your control. When you want to change something, you should be able to, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Our goal is to reach a consistent 100% monthly service uptime. You can follow how we're doing on our status page (

2. Keep things simple

We're not a marketing company. We're not an analytics company. We provide a "simpler way to WiFi". We could do loads of things with your data, but we're going to stick with management, if that's ok with you?

3. Don't be mean

Treat us like you expect to be treated. If you're not an egg, we won't be eggs either. Seriously, we love what we do and we've built Cucumber Tony with passion. Don't be rude when things aren't going your way. Yeah, things go wrong from time to time, we all get that. But be polite and everyone will be happier. Promise.

4. Fix stuff fast

Goodness it's annoying when stuff has bugs. Software will always have bugs however, unlike other companies, we believe these bugs *can* and *should* be fixed fast. Usually we try to fix things on the same day they're reported.

5. For you, not us

Ok, we built Cucumber Tony for ourselves but it's you using it. We're focusing on the platform so you find it easy to use, not just us. Things should be simple, they should work. No questions asked.

6. Innovate

What's the point in life if we don't innovate. For us, Cucumber Tony proves a point. It proves that anything is possible. We've done this by innovating. With hard-work and commitment.

7. Don't give up

That's all really, never give up.