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Take a look at what Cucumber has to offer and what our customers are saying about the platform.

Case Studies

  • “It not only provides us with a great, centralised place to manage all of our client environments but also benefits our clients by removing the need for on-site controllers and providing advanced functionality such as social login and effective captive portal facilities.”
  • “The Dashboard and portal go a long way ​for​ ​monitoring ​and​ ​troubleshooting​ on a ​daily basis. Additionally, instant chat​ engagement ​with support ​and ​enhanced traffic stats help us keep a WiFi standards high.”
  • “The ease of customisation of the page within the portal is great. This also scales on various devices very well, compared to other solutions we have tried.”
  • “As we have our own marketing and business intelligence platform, we use Cucumber for the network management and use the splash pages. We use the API to integrate the platform with ours.”
  • “I like the new Cucumber layout. The flatness and design makes it easy to navigate and find things in the dashboard.”
  • “Thank you for the excellent customer service, always being there to help with little questions or issues. You have a great team!”
  • “I can't think of one thing I liked in Meraki that I didn't get in Cucumber for a fraction of the price.”
  • “Our favourite thing is the simple interface. The Ruckus vSZ is complex, the Cucumber dashboard makes managing networks so much easier.”
  • “Cucumber gives us point and shoot deployment, control over the network and a front end that we can present to customers. All in one solution.”
  • “Without Cucumber we wouldn't be able to offer tailored marketing solutions to our customers.”
  • “Cucumber has saved us so many man hours we couldn't not use it.”
  • “We have a social responsibility to make the Wi-Fi good quality, secure and accessible for all.”
  • “We wanted to stand out from the crowd and brand the welcome splash page and network name to Benito’s.”
  • “Overall Cucumber is a very solid platform with amazing support.”
  • “It's IT and things do go wrong so I like being able to speak to the support team. They're really helpful and will fix something for me on the spot if they can.”
  • “The extra functionality has really changed how we run the Wi-Fi networks in the office. We're always talking about how great Cucumber Tony is -- Seriously.”
  • Feature Spotlight

  • Policy Groups

    The simple way to manage who can and can't connect to your WiFi.
  • Splash Pages in Action

    See how your splash pages will function.
  • Splash Page Magic

    Take a look at the kind of splash pages you can create with Cucumber.
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