Take a look at what Cucumber Tony has to offer and what our customers are saying about the platform.

Case Studies

  • “With our hardware expertise, we partnered with Cucumber to use their platform in order to provide our customers with a solution and hence managed services.”
  • “At the time, we found Cucumber for a large summer festival. We supported more than 4000 connections. After the festival was over, we continued to use Cucumber because it’s easy to set up and allows users to connect via social media.”
  • “It not only provides us with a great, centralised place to manage all of our client environments but also benefits our clients by removing the need for on-site controllers and providing advanced functionality such as social login and effective captive portal facilities.”
  • “The Dashboard and portal go a long way ​for​ ​monitoring ​and​ ​troubleshooting​ on a ​daily basis. Additionally, instant chat​ engagement ​with support ​and ​enhanced traffic stats help us keep a WiFi standards high.”
  • “The ease of customisation of the page within the portal is great. This also scales on various devices very well, compared to other solutions we have tried.”
  • “As we have our own marketing and business intelligence platform, we use Cucumber for the network management and use the splash pages. We use the API to integrate the platform with ours.”
  • “I like the new Cucumber layout. The flatness and design makes it easy to navigate and find things in the dashboard.”
  • “Thank you for the excellent customer service, always being there to help with little questions or issues. You have a great team!”
  • “I can't think of one thing I liked in Meraki that I didn't get in Cucumber for a fraction of the price.”
  • “Our favourite thing is the simple interface. The Ruckus vSZ is complex, the Cucumber dashboard makes managing networks so much easier.”
  • “Cucumber gives us point and shoot deployment, control over the network and a front end that we can present to customers. All in one solution.”
  • “Without Cucumber we wouldn't be able to offer tailored marketing solutions to our customers.”
  • “Cucumber has saved us so many man hours we couldn't not use it.”
  • “We have a social responsibility to make the Wi-Fi good quality, secure and accessible for all.”
  • “We wanted to stand out from the crowd and brand the welcome splash page and network name to Benito’s.”
  • “Overall Cucumber is a very solid platform with amazing support.”
  • “It's IT and things do go wrong so I like being able to speak to the support team. They're really helpful and will fix something for me on the spot if they can.”
  • “The extra functionality has really changed how we run the Wi-Fi networks in the office. We're always talking about how great Cucumber Tony is -- Seriously.”
  • Feature Spotlight

  • Policy Groups

    The simple way to manage who can and can't connect to your WiFi.
  • Splash Pages in Action

    See how your splash pages will function.
  • Splash Page Magic

    Take a look at the kind of splash pages you can create with Cucumber.
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